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Colony is a great brain workout. Basically it is a board game of sorts. You play against one or more computers on a board of square fields and jump around with stones, clone stones, and try to overcome your enemies. You can either clone one of your stones and place the clone directly next to the parent stone. Or you can take a stone and jump on an empty field two spaces away. Either way all enemies directly neighboring your (new) piece will belong to you after your move.

Kinda hard to explain. Just try for yourself. I have never read any instructions and found my way around after a minute or so. To win the game you need to have more game pieces than your enemies which is relatively easy in the beginning and gets gradually more difficult. The computer is by no means unbeatable though and at least for a couple of levels you need not even count and can safely play moves that just feel right.

The sounds and music are very well done and provide a dark and spooky atmosphere. The graphics look nice and polished and three-dish (without any particular need to be so), and the levels are well crafted with something new coming up every once in a while. A third player, a change in background. Just enough to keep you busy and entertained without being overwhelming.

There are sixty levels and some will need some serious thinking so this game will last many hours. If you are in some other board game or sudoku or budokan then Colony is for you. Have fun.

From the Developer:

Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of strange worlds. Match wits with friends or your computer as you struggle to expand your colony. Featuring beautifully rendered 3D isometric graphics and a haunting audio-visual atmosphere, this strategic puzzle game might well turn out to be your next obsession.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Me

"Great Game!"

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